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updates on my love life: claimed another fictional character as my boyfriend




Gave my students a pop quiz today and learned something new:

If you make all the answers to the questions C, you will see 35 of the most hilariously panicked and confused faces in the world.

are you satan

you really do not live up to your url

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"I am a selfish and self-righteous human being. To clear my own shame, I used your power. Not for anyone else! But for myself!!"
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Jūzō by 東山マキ
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heres a tip if you want your feminism to be genuinely inclusive stop equating breasts, periods, XX chromosomes with femininity because a lot of women dont have these things and a lot of men and nonbinary people do have these things

Tsukki's character development
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月山習 / 美食家

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nonbinary robots are cool and all but imagine a robot designed to be genderless and it sees a girl and is like “wtf girls are cute im a girl now” and the scientists are like u cant do this thing but she is already out the door 

Beach volleyball with the Karasuno boys

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Rin wearing his cap

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