“So what do we do about Tatsumi? It may be impossible to rescue him…”
“I’m aware of that. We won’t rush in without any means, but Tatsumi is an important teammate! We’ll do what we can!”

An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Michael Cinco F/W 2013-14 Haute Couture [2/2]

by sukizweetsm // 


run away


(≧◡≦) sousuke yamazaki gifset
suggested by assylveon ! <3

this took me a long time and im still proud of it c’:


mmcsetorabu asked: Haruka Kokonose or Konoha

All I wanted was to be able to hang out and have fun with everybody else! I just wanted to be normal!

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Twelve's bike skills


Alpine Lake by thegrimfandango

Somehow I feel like crying. How did it come to this?


rin looks like he’s wearing heelys 

Esdeath in Akame ga Kill Episode 9


closeups of my Madoka print for Otakuthon!